What is Provided?

Each participant has a business presence in all of the SymFOAH centers
for meeting and work space with services for all family members including
professional concierge, technical, and communications support.

Everything the Family Office needs…

…for an independent, fully functioning family office location and advisory hub.


A discrete, unbranded office and business location for your family office in all SymFOAH centers simultaneously


A full‐time office for work and/or record storage in your local SymFOAH center with part-time access in others


Use of first class meeting facilities at all SymFOAH and other world-wide affiliated centers


A communications infrastructure with managed broadband, voice and data, and tech support


A concierge service SymFOAH participants and family members for local arrangements, referrals, and general inquiries


Local professional attendant answering for all calls received at your SymFOAH home center


Secure cloud-based data storage with access worldwide and tech support


A family office community with presentations, ideas, unpressured networking opportunities, and new contacts worldwide