Who is Eligible?

Any family office or family members looking for a discrete,
comfortable environment to concentrate their family business matters or
succession planning, and to network with select advisors who
also participate in the Symphony Family Office Advisory Hub.

Family Offices

Family Offices

A Solution…

The family office is the business side of the family.

Most will agree that a separation between family life and family business is important. The separation should be physical and psychological and not within the residence. The family office location should be an established business place for decision-making and research.

It should also be neutral. By neutral, we mean outside of co-locating or sharing office space with any entities who are not impartial-even if “free”. It should be a place where alternate ideas or services are not stopped at the door. And it should be reasonably priced.


Family Members

A Refuge…

The family office is usually designed and operated for support staff and outside advisors. Sometimes family members themselves are an afterthought.

For them, what’s sometimes needed is a comfortable, private, and secure environment to work, meet, or just chill out away from distractions.

The SymFOAH is such a place. A place where family members are always welcome. A familiar environment for personal services, community with other families, and more. This is particularly true for our non US family members. The SymFOAH is your base for your family and family office.

Family Office Advisors

Family Office Advisors

A Community…

For independent advisors, this is the business environment of the future.

We welcome to the SymFOAH established professionals providing services to family offices and related businesses. In this low pressure environment presentations, interactions, insights and participation in the community are welcome.

We seek a variety of skills in the legal, tax, financial, succession planning, philanthropic, immigration, and related fields. We avoid too much concentration in any one area and may limit participation accordingly.